Selling your old vehicle to a dealer comes with several benefits. They assume full responsibility for it, and you can even apply a trade-in credit towards your next vehicle, which reduces the amount you need to finance. While some characteristics of your vehicle are out of your control, like the mileage or its age, there are still several things you can do to get the most value of your trade-in.

First Impressions Matter

Do not bring your vehicle into the dealership covered in grime and dirt. Instead, get your vehicle professionally washed or save some money and make it a DIY project. You should make sure to polish the bumper, body and windows and that the wheel wells, door frames and trunk edges are spotless. Add an extra touch by waxing the exterior to restore that new car shine.

Recondition the Interior

The inside of your vehicle is just as significant as the outside. Make sure it is presentable by cleaning the interior, as it will show that the vehicle was well looked after. Clear it out of unwanted items that have piled up over the years. Clean small crumbs by vacuuming the upholstery and make sure you get between the crevasses of your seats and your floor mats. Remove dust and dirt on surfaces with a microfiber cloth and spray cleaner along the dash. Again, you can get a professional to make sure tough stains are gone.

Fix Minor Dents

Help increase the value of your trade-in by repairing minor damage. You can repair small dings and dents with a Paintless repair, and you can buff out scratches or repaint them. If there is significant damage that is too expensive to fix, obtain a written estimate and use it towards your negotiation.

Consider your Tires

Before your trade-in appraisal, make sure your existing tires are in good condition. If there is little tread remaining and, overall, it looks run-down, it might be a good idea to buy a new, inexpensive set. By doing so, you can put the purchase towards negotiations with the dealer. Not only should you be aware of how much tread is left, but you should also check your tires for curb rash. That is when your wheel scrapes against the edge of the curb, resulting in surface damage. Lastly, clean your tires by getting rid of any dirt and dust before you go in to make your vehicle look better overall.

Provide Service Records

Presenting your service records during an appraisal will show the dealer you have taken good care of your vehicle and serviced it through a credible source. It will be easy to obtain your records if you have taken it to a dealership for routine maintenance. If you hold extended warranties that still exist on your vehicle, notify the dealer during your appraisal as it may be transferable and add value.

Although there are different reasons why a dealer might offer a particular amount on a trade-in vehicle, following these simple steps might help you get a better deal. Set a positive impression and establish your vehicle’s integrity by offering the dealer a well-cared for trade-in. When you are ready for a new vehicle, contact Canada Wide Vehicle Finance. We have a wide range of cars, trucks and SUVs for reasonable financing rates.